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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> wins wynns. >> aye. >> norton. >> aye. >> may i have a formal introduction. >> move the introduction of the resolution. >> second. >> may i have a reading of the resolution by the student delegates wei and logan? >> thank you. >> the san francisco unified school district urges the san francisco municipal transportation agency to expand to muni discounted youth rate to include 18-year-olds. whereas the agent currently offers discounted fares for youth, 75 cents for single riders and zero to 23 dollars for unlimited use, monthly passes and whereas, the sfmta currently defined the youth as being between the ages of five and 17, despite 18-year-olds making up approximately 3,000
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of 4,014 high school seniors in the sfusd and whereas there are also approximately 418-year-old high school students in sfusd county schools and even more 18-year-olds enrolled in private schools in san francisco. and whereas 18-year-old high school students do not qualify for the aforementioned discounted fares and must pay $2 for single transfers and additional $1.25 per ride. 66 dollars for passes and additional 43 dollars to 66 per month. and whereas the sfmta youth rate is designed to encourage the youth riders to use the public transportation and whereas there are many low income young people in san francisco, for example, of the 57,860 students enrolled in the san francisco school district,
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62 percent qualified for free or reduced lunch. and do we do the whole thing? >> i guess. >> and whereas, resolutions adopted by the san francisco youth commission have all acknowledged and the board of education have all acknowledged the fact that the cost of public transportation is a major concern for san francisco's youth population and whereas the sfmta has responded to the issue of the affordability of youth fares in the operating budget and adopted on april 20th, 2010, a resolution adopted on march first, 2011 and by voting to approve the free muni for the use in 2012. >> whereas 18-year-old high school students face similar financial burdens to accessing the transportation and whereas the other bay area
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transportation agencies such as the east bay and the golden gate transit include the youth fare discounts and whereas the san francisco board of supervisors has supported the legislation sponsored by district eight, and in may of 2005, to make all enrolled, san francisco high school students eligible for muni's youth rate and whereas modifying the youth fare structured to include, the 18-year-olds in high school and rather than all 18-year-olds addresses the financial hardships of most students and this policy could impose a significant administrative burden on muni and whereas, the senior manager of revenue collection and sales for sfmta has stated that they do not believe that there will be any significant administrative issues with increasing sfmta's eligibility for youth fares to 18 and whereas the student advisory council is committed to representing and presenting the interests of students to the administrative and policy
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making bodies of them and make the 18-year-olds eligible for discounts is in the interest of the students, there for be it resolved that the student advisory council urges the san francisco unified school district to urge the municipal agency to expand the youth rate to include 18-year-old and further be it resolved that the council urges the san francisco unified school district to urge the san francisco municipal transportation agency to look into ways in which the population of high school students, older than 18 years age and transition age could be approved for the reduced fares. >> we have a few public speakers. bashi, wo ng and persk, and please come to the podium. >> and you have two minutes
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each, please, thank you. >> sir? sir, thank you. >> hello, everyone, my name is amid amabashi and i am a senior at mission high school and i have been, you know, i support this resolution to extend it to 18 years old and because the students like me low income have been impacted by this decision because a lot of when i turned 18 this past january, the way that my transportation has changed differently because i can, you know, pay $2, twice, a day, because it is financially difficult for my parents, and i to do that, and you know, sometimes getting back home and going to school, i have to wake up early to walk to school or even to run to school so it has been financially difficult and i believe that this resolution can play an impact to students that are low income like me to have access to transportation
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easier, and to make it easier for them. and thank you very much. >> hi. good evening. my name is michelle kong and i am a senior and i am 18 and impart of the youth commission. so, i really want to thank you all for taking the time and being interested in this resolution. and you all know free muni for youth is a great success, over 80 percent enrollment and it is only the first year. so i want to talk about how important it is to include the 18-year-olds in mta fare charge because 75 percent of seniors will turn 18 in their last year of high school. and there is not only pressure on the family but also the youth to come up with 66 dollars every single month. 18-year-old seniors face the same financial barriers as their younger peers and just because they turned 18 does not mean that they have the same
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employment opportunity as aduments and college students. i turned 18 and i struggle with change, and to come up with $2, to commute to and from school and to the civic center where i work, i definitely don't have time to look for another job. so, and i think that everyone should be able to freely commute around the city and especially the youth because we have so many different youth programs available out there. but, we can't to it without transit. and we should all be able to explore this great transit system that we have in the city which can driven us to every corner of san francisco and i want to bring up again that it is a long term investment program where it frees a new generation of riders and effort to become the greener city that we always envisioned ourself to be thank you.
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>> >> i am eric wo and i am 20 years old but i am speaking in support of this resolution and let me begin by thanking the board for supporting the free muni for youth program and because of your support, 33,000 young people are riding it at zero cost today and tonight, at this meeting, in this moment, we are calling on your help again to make sure that young people don't get on the bus in the morning of their 18th birthday to find out that they got to now pay $66 a month, to ride muni. we got to make sure that 75 percent of high school seniors don't struggle with affording muni and if 18-year-olds are able to ride muni for free, then, that is more money in their pocket and they can maybe afford college or other needs that they have. so, if you believe that we can make sure that we can provide
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affordable and accessible transportation to our low income youth, then we need you to vote in favor of this resolution, thank you. >> hi, i am the chair person of the san francisco youth commission and i represent district one and so probably you may be a little confused as to why this is not in front of you today and just to be clear that we know that they don't you have jurisdiction over what muni does but something that was so important for the free muni for youth was the support of the school district. the school district supported a resolution in favor of it and did a lot of administrative work helping the students participate in the program. so the only fall that we have seen with the free muni for youth is that the 18-year-old high school students, and 75 percent of high school seniors will turn 18, and that is 3,000 students and another 400 in
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sfusd county schools, and have to pay the adult fare and face a 167 percent increase for cash fare and around 200 percent increase for monthly pass fares or even more if they sign up for the free muni and so we hope that this board will support this tonight, thank you. >> good evening, i work as a youth organizers and the young people before me already spoke about how vital the muni plays in their lives and getting to school and all of the resources i am here to speak on the 18-year-old piece because as important as it was for the school district to support 5 to 17-year-olds. the minute they turn 18 their dependentcy has not ended it has tripled to paying upwards of $66 what i see for the young people that i work with for my
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youth coming in from galeleo they would walk so that they could save that $2 so that they can then pay the $2 to get home in the valley and bay view or i am seeing the kids walking with reams of transfers because every time they are paying $2 instead of being able to pull up that lump sum, so it is a real challenge facing young people not only in our schools but how they access after school resources we hope that you guys can support the 18-year-olds. >> thank you very much. >> comments from the board? >> or superintendent? >> commissioner wynns? >> i just want to thank the students and thank everybody who came and spoke tonight. this is one of those many times that we find out something that was anticipated needs to be fixed and i really appreciate it i am very happy to support this, and i did want to ask one
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thing, there is a third whereas, whereas there are approximately 400, 18-year-olds in county schools, could we strike county, what they mean in sfusd schools and that might be confusing, not only to us but mainly to the county schools have a legal definition and so i could just make it be clear. >> thank you, students delegates would that be all right since you authored this resolution? >> yes. >> other comments? >> commissioner haney. >> i want to quickly thank all of the students who came out and thank president fewer and the student delegates for bringing this forward and i think that this is incredibly valuable to our students and especially i like and appreciated the comment about how in many ways, this hits the 18-year-olders even more because of the additional rate that they have to pay for being 18 and so i think that this is critical and it is a no brainer and i hope that we don't only make this change but also see
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this program became permanent and protected with a funding source and i want to thank you for not just coming out but i know that the youth commission and power and everyone involved in making this a grassroots effort to place the demand on the city and mta and everyone else and to make it xlaoer of how critical this is, for students to be able to have access to transit. and to meet their needs, to access the school and after school and all of those things and so thank you for your leadership around this and i am strongly in support. >> thank you. >> commissioner murase? >> yes. i'm prepared to support this, but i do want to know if we have any idea how much this will cost to the mta? do we know? >> is there an estimated cost? does anybody know the estimated cost? >> yes, mr. persky? or the student delegates? >> yeah. >> mr. perky,. >> come up to here and just... >> so the current projected
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cost is just over $1 million i believe for per year. but, something that we saw in this program is that the projected cost is actually double the actual cost of the program and so really the only way to know the actual cost of this will be to run a trial and see what the loss in revenue will be. >> thank you. did you hear that commissioner murase? >> could you give that to me one more time? >> okay. yes, would you mind speaking a little loud and her more slowly? >> sure. so the projected cost by the sfmta is just over $1 million dollars per year. but as we saw in the free muni for youth estimated cost the projected cost was over double, what the actual result was, and so the only way to have a sure estimate of the cost of the program will be to see and do an evaluation after one year. >> did you hear that commissioner murase?
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>> yes. i do. and am i correct to understand that this will also be income tax? >> could you repeat your question? >> is this also for low income 18-year-olds? >> as opposed to all 100 percent of 18-year-olds? >> student delegates? >> yes, it is, it is for all low income youth below the median income line. >> yes, commissioner murase, low income youth, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> any more questions, or comments from the board? >> okay. and i also thank the student delegates for bringing this forward and my son, turned 18 in december, before his graduating year and yes, it is expensive to buy him an adult card. so i think that we are ready for a roll call vote. >> miss wei? >> yes >> logan. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas.
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>> yes. >> mendoza mcdonald muraser? >> aye. >> norton. >> yes. >> wynns. >> aye. >> fewer. >> aye. >> and thank you very much, student delegates. now we have the parent advisory council report. good evening, my name is meranda mcmartin and tonight we just have a couple of updates on what we have been working on recently. we are going to talk about our conversation that we have been holding on racial equity and the conversations for the local control accountability plan on the first topic, i think that we spoke in january about our
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plans to hold conversations on racial equity at school sites in our city. and we have actually begun doing that work. our goal is to really hear stories from families, about racial equity and what is working and where there is room for improvement, and maybe come up with some strategies to support out comes for all students in our schools. and so we have been to three sites already. and we have five more conversations schedule through the month of april. and we still are trying to schedule about 4 more. and so we are really looking forward to being able to share with you in june what we have heard in these conversations. >> and then secondly for the past month, we have been working with the community partners to develop a discussion guide to go out and hold community conversations to inform the district's development of the local control accountability plan and so we have been meeting every week and working on the guide, and we are hoping that we will be able to reach about 200 to
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300 people, in this process, and it is a pretty short window and we are hoping to do it just between mid march to mid april, and i think that it will be about, 20 to 25 conversations. the community partners that ve have been working with this to date have been chinese for affirmative action, and advocate and graduates and the parents for the schools and pta and support for children with disabilities and the close the gap coalition and so we will be working together to form a guide and then, each of our organizations will be going into our own communities and speaking with families and community members. and then, our goal is to do this all between march and april, and because we sort of have this time line, where april 24th, is going to be a pack meeting, which is an open meeting, where we are going to share preliminary findings with the district about what we have heard from families on these
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topics. and so, that is going to be something that anyone can come to. and hopefully this is going to guide the development of it before it is a finished product and then some other important dates in the development time line, are may 22nd, we will be having a pac meeting where the san francisco unified will officially present their local control accountability plan. and there will be an opportunity for other community groups to be there to hear the plan. and then, on may 27th, there is going to be a formal presentation of findings and recommendations to the board of education. and then there are a vote of other dates where there will be public hearings on the lcap and approving the budget and i hope that any community members who would like will attend those and participate as much as possible. we have really appreciated all
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of the collaboration from all of our community partners and district staff and the office of family and community engagement and also from the dlac in sort of bringing this altogether and in a pretty quick manner and hopefully getting it out into the community starting next week. >> thank you very much. >> any comments from the board? >> superintendent? , no. >> commissioner wynns? >> all of those dates in a memo? >> i think that most of them were... >> okay, they are in the report. >> i see that we have the dates but we don't have the dates actually for when the conversations are, i think. so, once you finalize that, perhaps you could send an e-mail to cc, us on the e-mail and so if a commissioner would like to attend, they would know. >> yes. >> i hope that it will all be on the district website as well and we have been updating it as fast as we can, and the larger conversations that we know will be happening is one in the little school on april 12th
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that is hosted for the parents of public schools and the district pta as in combination with office of community engagement will be hosting one on april 17th here at 555, and we will have a number of conversations that are they civic school sites and hopefully a few more big conversations as well. >> thank you so much for your help on this. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> item f. public comment on consent items. >> seeing no speakers, item g, consent calendar. could i have a motion and a second on the consent calendar. >> so moved. >> great. >> any items withdrawn? or corrected by the superintendent? >> not tonight. >> any items removed from the board. >> seeing none. >> any items severed from the board or superintendent for discussion or vote. >> seeing none. >> i have one. >> two s on page 36, please.
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>> any items and roll call vote will take place under session o. and superintendent proposals and held for the speakers on february 25th, and reading by the superintendent? >> or his designee? mr. bill san der son? >> yes, thank you. >> yes. >> >> good evening commissioners bill sanders and the requested action is that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district approve and support the actions necessary to allow the students to be exempt from the physical education as allowed by the code and articulates the requirement for every student
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to successfully complete two years, four semesters of physical education to graduate from high school. that is the requested action for the board of education. and i would like to recommend after consulting with legal counsel that we do move around a sentence on the policy. and you should have that in your folder. and it is under permanent exempts, and the sentence should read, number one, under permanent exempts, we recommending that the sentence read the student is age 16 years or older. and has been enrolled in grade ten for one or more academic years, and has successfully completed two years, four semesters of physical education in grades 9 to 12, it is simply rearranging the sentence to make it flow better. >> thank you. >> any public speakers?
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none. comments from the board or superintendent? >> commissioner maufas? >> i just happened to see miss pata here if she has anything to offer? >> assume that you are sitting there for a reason. ? this the physical education department supports the change in the language, thank you. >> okay, seeing no other comments from the board, commissioner murase, any comments? >> no. >> thanks. >> great. >> so i believe that we are ready for a roll call vote. >> thank you. >> wei. >> yes. >> logan, mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufas. >> yes. >> miss mendoza mcdonald murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> norton. >> aye. >> fewer. >> yes. >> thank you, >> thank you. >> board members proposals.
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none tonight. requests to speak regarding general matters. we have a couple of speakers signed up tonight, we have jose julio and briana read, and jane lazerati and jeff rice and rodney hepton and rodney hitus and reggie higgnand mary, twigbi and claudia, and two minutes each and please come up to the podium now. >> come on >> good evening, i am a resident of the hunter's view and the bay view i am the community advocate for 19 years and i have been the community liaison for the city of dreams, the parent advisory committee, for the center for
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youth, and i am a peer leader intern for the ymca and i am on the board of directors, for the wat and i am a grandmother to five, three of whom attend malcom x academy. many years ago, many children participated in the programs provided by the park, under the stewardship of julia middleton, known as aunt b, provided many programs, after school, dance, field trips, basketball and other programs, when those programs were closed, youth no longer had positive activities to engage in, i urge you to reopen the discussion on the hunter's view community youth park. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker please? >> good evening. my name is briana read and i am the out reach coordinator with the bay view project foundation and i am also a peer leader
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with the hunter's view ymca and in the past several months i have been working with the residents of the hunter's view community, and in my out reach, with this community, several residents and community members have voiced their concerns about the youth park. and expressing their concerns about this youth park, some of their concerns were that not only is it an eye sore to the community, which is currently under going revitalization, there is also concerns about the danger in the health hazards the park currently represents. it is an open area, which is unsecure and it is also adjacent to the malcom x school, where kids currently travel through this park to get to and from school. i have also partnered with the wat foundation along with the host, and we are requesting that you make the option open for discussion for the hunter's new park thank you.
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>> hello, my name is rodney hamp to in junior and i am the co-founder and president of the board of directors, and we help our people and it is a charitable organization that support self-efficiency for residents. through neighborhood services, and we focused the authority at this moment. and in addition to that, i am a chair person for the hunter's point now, action group committee, and which our focus is organizing, educating and engaging and now as i infuse you with those pictures, this is what we see every day. and drugs, violence, robbery, crime activity, and as you look at this land, please look at
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the pictures. it is blighted and as we move forward to 2020 are we looking for zero ways as we move forward to the green cities and green communities and the mayor and the director of the department of public works, is pushing for more greenry and open space? and for the communities to thrive? we are asking you to be held accountable engage in our activity sos that we can make vibrant and help our communities and residents, it is discrimination, if you look in the valley and as you look in the adog patch, the parks are not like this and the hunter park is. and that is unfair. unjust, and this we are out right now to the table asking everyone to come to the table and have an open discussion on this and demolition, and reno vaiting, and or just having just the public open space so folks and people and families can come together.
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and now if we step back two steps, this is a major crime prevention strategy if we want to link in to connect the families and children back to together. like it was, 20 years ago. so we are stressing and asking to you bring it to the table and put us on the agenda and set us up with a small community to talk to on a day-to-day basis so that we can make this change thank you. >> next speaker? >> good evening. good evening, my name is reggie higgins and i am also the vice president of the wat foundation and i am also the chair of the committee up there in hunter's view and i also work for the navy brother's construction and i am building part of phase one and two and if you look at them pictures you will see a difference and you will see the look that we are supposed to have and also, we write up a business plan for


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